About us

My name is Søren Rokkjer

So why does the menu label says About us? Because my professional profile i splitted into two fractions.
SEO-Ninja (maybe not the best, but the most creative) and CRO expert (maybe not the most creative, but the best).

This website is my personal showcase with my knowlegde bank, testtools, SEO-tools etc. - all for free in a basic edition. VIP access possible for money. 

With a portfolio of more that 50 growing websites, 6 PBN's, 20 moneysites and author of the largest workbook with CRO secrets in Denmark. Speaker, opinions maker in the agency industry and networking with the top danish SEO-experts.

Contact: sr at rokkjer . dk

Got 1,5 mio. pages indexed at bureaubureau.dk - totally ownership of SERP with a lot of 100% 1st page domination.
Got 4th doubled the SEO traffic for Ofir.dk - a competetive marked beaten with creative and unique internal spintax, survival of the fittest link hierarchy and external microsites, with SERP-integration and Volume-integration to secures maximum link juice.